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Top Reasons to Sell Scentsy


I absolutely hate sales and vowed that I would never ever have a job in sales, but here I am selling Scentsy.  “Why?” you ask?  Here are just a few reasons (in no particular order):

1.  Quality Products

Scentsy products are the highest quality available.  There are some who have attempted to imitate them, but they simply fall short.  Try the imitation and then try authentic Scentsy products.  You will see that there is just no comparison.

2. Variety of Products

When most people think of Scentsy they think of full-size warmers and wax bars.  It doesn’t stop there.  Scentsy offers a variety of products to fit every lifestyle and budget.  Scentsy products start at just $3.  Scentsy is also always coming out with new products and fragrances.  Scentsy releases catalogs twice a year, in March and September, with new products and fragrances.  They also release a new full-size warmer and scent every month that are not included in the current catalog, so there is always something new and exciting to offer to your customers.  Click here to view Scentsy Products.

3.  No Hard to Reach Monthly Sales Requirements

Scentsy’s minimum sales requirement is very reasonable.  In order to be maintain your status as a Scentsy consultant, you will just need to place at least $150 in orders during one calendar month out of every three calendar months.

4.  Rewards for Reaching Sales Goals

This especially applies to those who are just starting out selling Scentsy.  First there is what is called the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit.  This is a package of 10 pre-selected full-size warmers that can be purchased by you for only $200.  You earn this reward by selling $500 during your first 15 days as a Scentsy Consultant.  This kit is great for building your own personal stock to sell on a cash and carry basis or to use for your own personal gift giving.  And when you purchase this kit it counts toward your sales for that month, so you will receive commission on your own purchase.

Next there is what is called the Scentsational Start Award Program.  This award is earned during your first 70 days as a Scentsy consultant and is divided into three different levels:

Level 1
Qualifications: $1250 in sales or three personally sponsored active consultants
Award: $50 Product Credit, Green Scentsy Scentsational lapel pin, Certificate of Achievement, Name in Monthly Newsletter

Level 2
Qualifications: $2500 in sales or $1250 in sales and three personally sponsored active consultants
Award: $125 product credit, Purple Scentsy Scentsational lapel pin, Certificate of Achievement, Name in Monthly Newsletter

Level 3
Qualifications: $5000 in sales or $2500 in sales and six personally sponsored active consultants
Award: $200 product credit, Blue Scentsy Scentsational lapel pin, Certificate of Achievement, Name in Monthly Newsletter, recognized at National Convention, Name on Scentsy Wall of Fame

You also receive an extra 5% commission each month that you reach sales of $2,000 or more.

5.  Opportunities for Advancement

There are opportunities to advance your ranking and increase your income with Scentsy.  This happens when you personally sell a minimum of $500 per month and have recruits signed up under you who sell a minimum of $150 a month.  Click here to view Scentsy’s Compensation Chart.

6.  Flexibility

Whether you want Scentsy to be your full-time job or you are looking to supplement your income, Scentsy offers the flexibility you need to fit your lifestyle.  Schedule parties and work on your business when it is convenient for you.

7.  Affordable Start-Up Fee

You can start your Scentsy business for only $99 plus tax and shipping.  When you sign up and pay your start-up fee you will receive a Starter Kit that contains everything you need to start your Scentsy business, including a full-size warmer, sample products, catalogs, order forms and more.  Click here to view a complete list of what is included in the Scentsy Starter Kit.

8.  A Great Support System

As a Scentsy Consultant you will have access to online trainings and tools that will help you to organize and grow your business.  You can always contact your Sponsor with any questions or concerns that arise or you can contact the Scentsy Consultant Support Department from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (MDT).

9.  An Affordable Personal Website for Online Sales and No Inventory to Manage

All new consultants have the option to try out their own personal website free for three months.  After the free trial period you will be charged only $10 a month if you choose to keep the site.  Scentsy also offers free credit card processing.  And since you place the orders as they come in, you do not have to invest in or manage an inventory.

10.  Scentsy is a Rapidly Growing Company

How many companies can say they actually grew during a recession?  Scentsy has experienced 300% growth during the last year.

11.  Scentsy Products Sell Themselves

Now don’t get me wrong, it does require time and energy to generate sales leads, but once you are able to demonstrate the product to people they get drawn into the wonderful fragrances and can’t resist buying it.

Click here for a list of FAQs about selling Scentsy

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