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Six Ways to Get Discounted Scentsy


Six Ways to Get Discounted Scentsy

  1. Shop the Close-Out Section of this Website
    There is a wide variety of previously discontinued full-size Scentsy warmers and plug-in Scentsy warmers to choose from at a 20% discount.  You can also find some previously discontinued Scentsy DIY (Design it Yourself) Theme Packs at a 20% discount.  Click Here to Shop Scentsy Close-Out Items

  2. Shop Scentsy Combine and Save Multi-Packs
    Combine and Save deals are a great way to get discounted Scentsy and make sure you are getting the most Scentsy for every dollar spent.  Combine and Save Multi-Packs are available in a variety of Scentsy products and will save you anywhere from $1 to $24.  *In order to get the special Combine and Save price your order must be entered as a Multi-Pack under the Combine and Save section of the website.  If you add the items to your cart individually without entering them as a Multi-Pack the discount will not be applied to your order.  Click Here to Shop for Scentsy Combine and Save Deals

  3. Shop the Scentsy Sale in February or August
    Scentsy has a 10% off sale twice a year, in February and August.  During these months you can purchase almost every item in the current Scentsy Catalog at a 10% discount.  This includes warmers as well as scent items such as wax bars, room sprays, Scent Circles (car fresheners), etc.  Usually the only items excluded from this sale are the Scentsy Starter Kit, Charitable Cause warmer, Scentsy Campus Collection warmers, and select Multi-Packs that are already highly discounted.

  4. Place an Order of $150 or More
    When you order Scentsy online and your order reaches $150 or more (prior to sales tax) you will receive FREE shipping plus one additional item at half price.  If you order Scentsy by phone and your order reaches $150 or more (prior to sales tax) you will receive FREE shipping, a minimum of $15 in FREE Scentsy products, and a minimum of two additional items at half price.  Not planning on spending quite that much?  You can combine your order with orders from your friends and family to reach $150 so you can receive the discounts.  The entire order must ship to one address in order to receive FREE shipping.  Please call 801-210-0567 to place your order by phone.

  5. Host a Scentsy Party
    When you host a Scentsy Party you can earn free and half-price Scentsy products.  There are a variety of parties available to fit every lifestyle and schedule.  Don’t have time for a home party or don’t want the hassle of cleaning, finding a babysitter etc.?  Host a Scentsy Basket Party or Online Party.  Your party just has to reach a minimum of $150 in guest sales in order for you to start accruing hostess rewards.  You can receive 10%-15% in free product  and up to 4 half-price items depending on total guest sales.  Click Here to Learn More about Hosting a Scentsy Party

  6. Become a Scentsy Consultant
    One of the things I love most about being a Scentsy Consultant is that I get discounted Scentsy products.  Scentsy Consultants do not receive a discount up front on products, but they do receive commission on any items they order for themselves so it is like getting a 20% to 30% discount on any items they purchase.  As a Scentsy Consultant you can also host your own parties as often as you like.  When you host your own party you not only receive commission on the sales, but you get to redeem the hostess rewards for yourself which means free and half-price Scentsy products for you.  Click Here to Find out How to Become a Scentsy Consultant
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