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Whether you are looking to supplement your income or are looking for a job that fits into your busy schedule, becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant is the way to do it.  When you become a Scentsy Independent Consultant your job literally is a party.  There are no high pressure sales and the products are so great they practically sell themselves.

Besides flexibility, there are other great benefits to becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant.  You can start your business for only $99 (plus tax and shipping).  Your Starter Kit includes everything you need to host your first party and get your business going.  The Starter Kit comes with the following items*:


Scentsy Party Fragrance Testers
  • 2015 New Releases (15)
  • 2015 Spring & Summer (15)
  • Classics (20)
  • Corner Café (10)
  • Romance (10)
  • Scentsy Man (5)
  • Spa (5)


Demonstration Products
  • Scentsy Warmer (1)
  • Scentsy Bar (1)
  • Scent Pak (1)
  • Layers Bath & Body Products (2)
  • Layers Laundry Products (2)


Business Supplies
  • Scentsy Consultant Guide
  • Scentsy Quickstart Guide
  • 2015 Spring/Summer Scentsy Catalogs (25)
  • Showcase Brochures
  • Product Lists
  • Print Your Own Labels
  • Party Invitations
  • Order Forms
  • Host Envelopes
  • Host Brochures
  • Join Brochures
Join Scentsy

*Starter Kit contents subject to change

You will also have access to online trainings and tools that will help you to organize and grow your business.  All new consultants have the option to try out their own personal website free for three months.  After the free trial period you will be charged only $10 a month if you choose to keep the site.  Scentsy also offers free credit card processing.  And since you place the orders as they come in, you do not have to invest in or manage an inventory.  As an Independent Consultant you are never alone.  You can contact your Sponsor with any questions or concerns or you can contact the Consultant Support Department from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. (MDT).

The amount of money you earn as an Independent Consultant depends on how much time and energy you want to invest.  Consultants make 20% – 30% commission on their own sales and also make additional bonuses on the sales of other Consultants they sponsor.

You will make 20% commission on all sales to start.  Once you have reached $1000 in sales during your whole time selling you will receive 25% commission on all sales.  If you reach $1000 in sales during your first month you will go straight to making 25% commission.  You also receive commission on any items you purchase for yourself, so it is like getting a 20%-25% discount on your own products.  There are also opportunities to make more than 20% or 25% .  If you reach $2000 or more in sales during one month you will receive an extra 5% bonus.  There are no recruiting requirements, however, if you recruit people to join your own team you can begin earning a percentage (anywhere from 2% to 9% depending on your rank) of your team’s sales if you meet certain requirements.  Scentsy also offers incentive trips, prizes, and leadership retreats.

To remain eligible to place orders, you will need to place at least $150 in orders during one calendar month, every three calendar months.  You cannot do $150 in sales over the three months, you must have the full $150 during one calendar month (i.e. if you sign up in April, you will need to place a minimum of $150 in orders during either May, June or July in order to keep your account open).  The three month period starts over again the month after you reach $150 in sales (so if you signed up in April and reached $150 in sales in May, you would be good for May, June and July and would have to enter $150 in orders again in August to keep your account open).  If you do not meet the minimum sales requirement, your account will be terminated and you will no longer be eligible to place orders.  There are no recruiting minimums or number of parties that you are required to do during one month.  You may collect orders any way you want (as long as you are in compliance with Scentsy’s policies and procedures), you are not limited to just doing parties.  You can do fundraisers, fairs and shows, online orders, just collect orders on your own, etc.  You can also host your own parties whenever you want and you will be able to keep the host rewards for yourself whenever you host your own parties.

After you sign up you will receive a Scentsy branded Visa debit card.  You will also have access to the Scentsy Pay Portal.  You can choose via the pay portal to have your commission deposited onto the card each month or into your checking or savings account.  Commissions are paid out on the 10th of each month, or the following Monday if the 10th falls on a weekend.

Once you sign up you will have access to The Workstation which is where you will place your orders.  There is also a training center with videos that have great ideas and tips for growing and improving your Scentsy business.  In addition to these training videos, Scentsy also offers weekly live trainings via a Webinar.  These occur on Tuesday Mornings.  If you are unable to attend the live webinar, the trainings are posted on the Training Center for you to view at your convenience.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at or phone 801-210-0567 if you have any questions about anything.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and there is no pressure to join.

After you join my team I will continue to be available by phone or e-mail at any time to offer additional support when needed.

I would love to have you be part of my team!  Please click on the button below to join my team.

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